Pose of The Month 2017 is drawn from a few of the projects I worked on in 2016.

Several of this year's offerings are taken from two chapters I wrote for a new book by Frank Lipman MD: 10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat...And How You Can Stay Young, Slim, and Happy!

Other (restorative) poses are from a project which showed how to practice when props are not available. A few are repeats from previous years. Still more were written especially for this website.

The twelve poses strung together, one for every month of the year, make up a balanced sequence for you to practice.

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spacerMarch —
standing forward bend

Practice time: 20 to 30 seconds.

Models: Michelle la Rue and Bobby Clennell.

Stand up straight and tall with your feet hip width apart.

Holding your legs firm, and pressing your thighs back, raise your arms out in front of you, in line with your shoulders. Draw your arm bones back into your shoulder girdle, and then slowly raise your arms above your head, palms facing each other. Move your trapezius muscles down and extend the bones of your arms up.

Turn your palms forward. Exhale and, sweeping your arms forward, bend forward from the hips.

Reach down and press your fingers and thumbs onto the floor beside your feet and look up. Take one or two breaths. Extend your breastbone forward and roll your shoulders back.

With an exhalation and keeping your abdomen soft, fold forward from the hip joints, extend the sides of your torso down, and release your head toward the floor.

Widen your elbows, widen your collar bones.

To bend farther forward, lift your inner thighs up into your pelvis and lift your sit bones. Without increasing the distance between the feet, hit out the inner thighs; hit out the inner knees. Allow your breath to become quiet and even.

Practice note: If your hands do not reach the floor without bending your legs, hold your shins or place your hands on blocks. Those with herniated discs: do not practice the final pose where the head is down.

With thanks and gratitude to my teachers, BKS Iyengar (1918-2014), Prashant Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar, Abhijata Sridhar, and Sunita Parthasarthy.

Drawings and text © Bobby Clennell. All rights reserved. No reproduction without prior permission.

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